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A Little Nervous

2011-07-25 18:00:14 by Billynirvanatalent96

Okay, well I just entered my first submission into the Audio Portal. The name of it is Sex and Candy (Marcy P. cover). It is my first cover to go out into public so that is why I am a little nervous about it. Since it is my first submission, it may take a while to show up... but if you are reading this be sure to check it out please :)

Hey, all of you who are not reading this or otherwise caring about it, or most likely not on my profile because I am probably considered a noob or whatever because I only joined recently and haven't done much that was a long sentence. But to be continued... I got pretty tired of looking at my page and seeing it being super depleted of crap and being naked so I decided to post an update news post thingy and it is here. It's actually pretty long and boring I guess and seemingly has no exact point, just randomly bouncing off of random points vaguely connected to each other by made up links that have no points to connect to because they are non-existent. So... I've been thinking about recording some of my giiitarrr (guitar) playing and doing covers on all of the songs I have learned to play. So... I think that may be it... and goodbye.
I Know You Don't Care